A Feature Film Co-Producer
          With a future focused on development and distribution
We specialise in film budgets up to 5 million
We are a feature films production company
We do Sales, Acquisitions and Distribution
We are a service partner for the Latin American, European and African film & media industry
We have literary options available for co-productions
We have a slate of 11 films in development
We provide production services worldwide
specialises in getting the best production value from micro and low budget co-production feature films and documentaries. He champions UK, European and Latin American films which emphasize alternative depictions of people of colour, of diverse cultures, omissions in history and women. He is attracted to seriously hip Urban and passionate stories for an international market and, with a future focused on development and distribution, script- edits and works to develop writers and crews.
Producer Contact:
011+44 (0) 208 699 6700 cell: 07947273464      em:
Imagination is the one intangible factor that leads every company into profitability and out of crisis
“Film is the business of turning money into light and then back into money again.” J. Boorman
IMP Entertainment Company
dedicated to providing some of the most engaging entertainment for both home and theatrical release. Our acquisitions library in music, films, fine arts and literary options compromises of provocative visual and audio recorded for distribution to a well informed contemporary cultural Diaspora.